Postpartum Meals Delivery to Your Door

Taste For Life (Zi Jin Tang) offers fusion confinement meals made with fresh ingredients and exclusive herbal soup packs that consist of special dishes, tonics, desserts and herbal soups formulated to promote recuperation for mothers after childbirth. New mother can enjoy the healthy, but also delicious foods.


Health and Nutritious Postpartum Meals For New Mothers

The high quality protein and selected fresh ingredients use low-fat cooking method to keep the natural flavour and the meals are low in sodium and MSG-free with adequate calories which can improve metabolism, easy to digest and to get back in shape quickly.

  • Designed by TCM Physicians, dietitian and the international awarded Chef Team
  • TCM 3-Stages Progressive Recovery Approach
  • Exclusive Herbal Soup Base + Glutinous Rice Water 
  • Healthy and Balanced Meals,Low in Fat, low in sodium, MSG Free
  • Fresh Ingredients with No artificial flavour and colouring
  • Exclusive Recipe-Gold Ginger and Cold-Press Sesame Oils

High Quality and Safety of Confinement Herbal Extract

The selected herbs used for the extraction in herbal soup base are carefully and strictly controlled. In order to ensure the highest quality of food safety, all herbals and ingredients are examined with 311 SGS Food Safety Checks and make sure with No Pesticide residues, No sulfur dioxide and No heavy metal residues.

3 Stage Progressive Recovery

Zi Jin Tang's Nourishing Herbal Soups are formulated exclusively for postnatal care to be consumed as scheduled according to the TCM 3-Stage Progressive Recovery Approach. 

Stage 1:Metabolism (Day1-10) 

Nutrient Replenishment: Iron and Folic Acid

  • Improve circulation and postnatal recovery.
  • Promote Digestion and Liver Function.
  • Eliminate Water Retention and promote metablism.

Stage 2 - Restoration (Day 11-20)

Nutrient Replenishment: Calcium and collagen.

  • Strengthen the spine, bone and joint function.
  • Increase lactation and restore hormonal balance

Stage 3 - Nourishment 

Nutrient Replenishment: High Quality Protein, Vitamin B & E.

  • Replenish nutrition and energy with ore invigorating soups.
  • Boost immunity and nourishes vitality.



Meal Including 3 meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) + 2 Desserts

  • Nurturing Herbal Soups 
  • Mixed Grains and Tonic Congee
  • Fusion Main Dishes & Veggie 
  • Sweet Dessert
  • Postpartum Drinks