Postpartum Drinks


Postpartum Drinks

Warm Red Date Tea

Strenthen immune system, nourish the liver, soothe the nerves. Improve blood circulation and stamina.

Youth Preservative Tea

Promote the secretion of saliva to prevent thirstiness, promote dissipation of blood stasis, dispel rheumatism, strengthen joint and bone.

Postpartum Thirst Quencher Drink

Improve digestion, help in thirst quenching, eliminate swelling & heatiness.

Breastfeeding Products

Breast milk provides all the essential nutrients for baby’s growth and development as well as in increasing baby's immune system against infection and illness. It also offers tremendous benefits for mothers as it speeds up the recovery progress from childbirth, aids in promoting weight loss and decreasing postpartum hemorrhage.

Mammy Nursing Tea (NEW)

Mammy Nursing Tea contains selected natural herbs, hung jing, jujube, longan, black date and other herbal extract. Help to stimulate lactation and improving overall breast milk supply and quality. Consume 2 packs a day as recommended.

Natural Drinks

Warm Red Date Tea

Made from specially selected natural red date steamed in high pressure cooker with no added sugar to release the natural flavour of red dates.This tea is especially beneficial for pregnant mothers.

Black Bean Water

Made with selected black beans grown using natural farming technique . The drink contains small molecules that can be easily absorbed with and consumed as a cold or hot drink.