Zi Jin Tang (Taste For Life) is a leading brand in Taiwan since 2005. With the growing demand of modern women seeking a professional and effective maternal conditioning regimen, Zi Jin Tang (Taste For Life) has a panel of medical experts, lactation specialists, dietitians, and chefs to provide the best products and services to customers. 

Our professional team has reinvented the traditional " Confinement Meals" to suit model lifestyle of mothers and their new borns.

Every step of the production process is carefully monitored starting from meal development, ingredient purchasing, cooking operations, product packaging, and distribution of food- guaranteeing food safety for all customers. With carefully selected ingredients and Chinese herbs, the Zi Jin Tang packages only use fresh ingredients and healthy cooking techniques to enhance the flavour without any artificial colours or preservatives.

Accredited Central Kitchen

Our central Kitchen is ISO22000 and HACCP certified. Our experts meticulously design each step with strict monitoring and quality assurance to achieve the highest international standards in food safety, quality and hygiene.

Zi Jin Tang's professional central kitchen with 2000 square meters is designed and planned according to Food Good Hygiene Practice(GHP). Besides distinguishing working areas with cleanliness requirements, the smooth flow of human, food, water, and air is regulated and planned strategically. The clean operation and standard clean operation area use stainless steel compartment and capping treatment to effectively avoid cross-contamination.

  • ISO22000 and HACCP accredited
  • Ultra high-pressure processing
  • Cold press extraction
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavour or colouring

Certified by ISO 22000 food safety control system and HACCP regulatory food factory manufacturing standards.

Zi Jing Tang Australia Team

In 2016, Zi Jin Tang launched in Australia with full ranges of postpartum meals& regimen along with a team of professional consultant in Australia including dietitians, nurses and consultants. We are dedicated in providing the best products and quality services to all customers in Australia.

Meet Our Professional Team

We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals specializing in this industry. We look after every customer's needs and to advice from time to time at every step relating to prenatal and postnatal nutritional care service.

MEET OUR Professional Team