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3-Stage Progressive Recovery Plan

Postnatal recovery is the key to women’s health and wellbeing. The nutritiously balanced postpartum meals help new moms to regain strength, boost nutrition for breastfeeding and achieve complete recuperation.

With more than 17 years experiences, Zi Jin Tang (Tasteforlife) have created a variety of confinement meals that are tasty, easy to prepare and highly nutritious.

The 30-Day postpartum confinement meal package contents 3 meals a day and additional options of postpartum drinks. The various herbal soups are available and each one formulated exclusively for postnatal care and to be consumed according to the stages of the recovery plan.

Step 1 - Metabolism

A mother will lose a large amount of blood during childbirth which will cause her body to be weakened and tired. Therefore, the nutrients that need replenishing at this stage are IRON and FOLIC ACID.

Nutrient Suppplements:Iron and Folic Aci

Step 2 - Restoration

During the process of giving birth, a women’s pelvis is under a large amount of strain and as a result causes displacement of certain bones and joints. Therefore, recovery of body strength is the major focus and the nutrients that need replenishing at this stage are CALCIUM and COLLAGEN.

Nutrient Supplements:Calcium and Collagen

Step 3 - Nourishment

At this stage, quality protein intake which is suitable for postnatal mothers should be carefully selected, together with foods that are rich in vitamin E and B. Essentially this will boost Immunity and restore energy.

Nutrient Supplement:Quality Protein、Vitamin E、B group

3 Stages Soup Base Ingredients

Exclusive Soup Pack

The ZI Jin Tang soup base contains a selection of black beans, high quality kelp, local beetroot and Himalayan rock salt. By using the most advanced technology of HPP ultra-high-pressure processing, every soup base is produced to retain all its nutrients and healthful ingredients without any artificial seasoning, pigments or preservatives. 

Exclusive Soup Pack

Key Ingredients - Benefits

Black Bean Natto Extract

Black beans contain high quality protein which can help postpartum mothers with secreting milk. Besides protein, vitamin C and E can be found in black beans too. Vitamin C can improve immunity, promote iron absorption, prevent anaemia, promote collagen production and help wound healing while vitamin E aids in blood circulation. Black beans also contain anthocyanin, which help removing free radicals in the body, reduce wrinkles and replenish beauty.

Beetroot Extract

Beetroot contains “bivalent iron”, which is the best iron absorbed by human body. Rich in vitamin C, A, B1, B2, B12, dietary fibre, iron, calcium, potassium and zinc, beetroot can promote gastrointestinal motility and adjust the intestinal function which aid in digestion.

Kelp Extract

Kelps are rich in sodium glutamate, which contributes to its origin of flavour. Natural materials must be soaked, heated, boiled and other time-consuming process with the aid of modern biochemical technology extraction to hydrolyse into small molecules. This is to ensure a more complete gastrointestinal tract absorption and rich enhancement of concentration of nutrient.

Himalayan Rock Salt

Himalayan rose rock is 100% natural with a variety of trace minerals required for the human body such as mineral and water-soluble calcium ions. Himalayan rose rock salt is especially rich in natural ions with mild texture and adds to the flavour of the soup.

Ultra High Pressure Extraction

High Pressure Processing (HPP), also known as High Hydrostatic Pressure (HPP). Approved by the United State’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), this technology can withstand the pressure of 48 hours of high pressure to break down the food, converting from solid to liquid. While HPP extraction Process optimize the maximum flavor of superfood with highest nutrition retention.

Ultra High Pressure Extraction