Menstrual Care Meals


Menstrual Care Meals

Make use of each period to promote metabolism, detoxify, replenish and to improve balance within the body.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are three critical stages for women's health conditioning: puberty, the menstrual period and postpartum confinement.

5 Days Menstrual Care Meal

The Menstrual care meal is specially developed by a professional team of Zi Jin Tang (Taste For Life). By using different natural ingredients and herbs to focus on regulate the circulation and resplenish the loss of nutrients during the period. The package helps to naturally boost metabolism and nourish your body whilst compensating all the nutrients lost during menstrual period.

This Menstrual Care Meal is especially important for woman who suffer from menstrual irregularity, fatigue dysmenorrhea, cold feet or [Pre-Menstrual Syndrome].

Suitable for women

  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Abdominal pain and cramps during period
  • Planing for pregnancy
  • With weak body constitution, such as, poor circulation, feeling cold feet.
  • Lacking proper postpartum care after childbirth.
  • Starting the first menstrual cycle after miscarriage
  • Desiring for youthfulness and health skin complexion.

Menstrual Care Meal Package


Exclusive Concentrated Soup 5 packs (200ml /pack)

Imperial Red Jujube Tea 5 packs (150ml/pack)

Made in Taiwan

During Period:

Yi Qing Soup, Yue Ze Soup

After Period:

Chung Niang Soup, Wen Run Soup, Yuan Qu Soup

Simple Steps, Ready to Eat in 5-10 minutes!