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紫金月子水(袋裝) Glutinous Rice Water (Pack) - Zi Jin Tang Australia 紫金堂澳洲

Glutinous Rice Water – Pack

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Ingredients: Natural Spring Water, Glutinous Rice, Koji Rice

Glutinous Rice Water combined the tradition of brewing and fermentation methods with glutinous rice and Yilan’s high mineral content natural spring water, with the highest level of rice nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is perfect to be served as a health drink or used as a nutritious water ingredient for cooking and dessert making. The best of all - it is flavourful and soft in texture, easy-drinking! Appropriate for postpartum, post-illness and general health maintenance.


Rice Water can be consumed directly or used for cooking soups or dessert.

Suitable for

  • Postnatal Period
  • Weak body condition
  • After Postpartum
  • Recovery Period

Natural colours & flavours
No added sugar
[Product content]: 200ml /1 pack; 15 Pack /1 box

How to enjoy the Glutinous Rice Water?
1) Consumed directly, enjoy it as a health drink, you may reheat it before consumption
2) Use it together with the Zi Jin Tang Concentrated Soup Series
3) Use it in any cooking
4) Use it to make dessert