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紫金媽咪茶 Mammy Nursing Tea - Zi Jin Tang Australia 紫金堂澳洲

Mammy Nursing Tea

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A Nourishing Ready-to-Drink Daily Lactation Tea for breastfeeding mums.

Ingredients: Water, Red Dates (Jujube), Muscovado sugar, Dried Longan Pulp, Fragrant Landpick, Siberian Solomon seal, Black Dates, Red Goji, Luffa, Arrowroot, Snow fungus.

  • Promote healthy lactation
  • Support breast milk production

Mammy Nursing Tea is rich in natural herbs. The mixture of the natural herbs helps to stimulate lactation, replenishing the fluid level in the body, improving on the quality and quantity of the breast milk supply at the same time. Thoughtfully packaged ready for immediate consumption anytime and anywhere.

  • Natural colours & flavours
  • 14 packs per box, 80ml per packet

DO NOT USE during pregnancy, anyone with peanut allergies, and any lactating moms experiencing engorgement or blocked milk ducts.