Snow Fungus Drink (Besties Blend)

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Packing195 ml x 6 bottles / per box (Ready to drink. Natural health drink for all ages.)

Ingredient:water, fresh tremella, rose peach fruit tea (apple, rose tea, natural flavors, citric acid, hibiscus, stevia leaves, orange peel, peach, rose petals), erythritol (sweetener), D-Mannose, deep ocean water concentrate, Complex vitamin C (ascorbic acid - vitamin C, citrus extract, rice bran powder), cranberry extract powder, gardenia red.

Snow Fungus Drink(Besties Blend)As a woman, particularly in humid climates, do you frequently encounter issues that are difficult to discuss?

Cranberry and probiotics have long been popular choices for women's health. Now, there's a new addition to women's health -