NZ - 10天DIY月子餐DIY Confinement Meals (10 Days)

NZ- DIY Confinement Meal (Basic Package) - 10 Days

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It is recommended to make a pre-order three months in advance to avoid any potential stock shortages. If there is a shortage of postpartum drinks, it will be replaced with other drinks of equal value.

Delicious and Nutritious Confinement Meal Package

10 Days Confinement Package in each stage is considerably designed and prepared various formulated herbal soup-bases with our Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water for all moms’ easy and fast cooking, at the same time, providing sufficient nutrients for postpartum mothers to meet their energy needs.

The Package contains: 

  • Concentrated herbal soups 30 packets (200g per packet)
  • Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water 30 packets (200ml per packet)

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The shipping fee is based on the postcode and the weight. Due to the weight of DIY Confinment Packages is around 40-80kg, the area in New Zealand rural areas where is outside of urban might incur higher delivery fees. Please contact customer service to confirm the delivery charge for you.

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