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小產元氣15天調理餐 (基本型) - Zi Jin Tang Australia 紫金堂澳洲

15 Days Miscarriage Recovery BASIC Package

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Miscarriage Recovery

Post-miscarriage recuperation is important, in fact it is considered to be more critical than post-partum recovery. Not only the woman’s body constitution has weakened through the rigours of labour or procedure, it has also gone through psychological stress caused by the miscarriage.

Without proper nourishment and conditioning at this time, the body may experience many ailments and gynaecological issues in the later years such as chills, colds, backaches, irregularities in menstrual cycle and may experience difficulty in subsequent conception.

The Miscarriage Recuperation Meals are specifically developed by Honorary Chairman of TCM Gynaecology in Taiwan, Dr. Xu Hui Yin. The main feature of this nutritious regimen diet encourages gradual recuperation according to the needs of each individual. It allows the miscarriage woman to rest well with a peace of mind that she would be nursed back to health and regained her strength both physically and psychologically, ready for the next chapter of a new life.

Exclusive Concentrated Soup  
Made with quality superfood, such as black bean, kelp, beetroot and himalayan rock salt. Soup preparation applies traditional slow-cooking herbs to maximize it's healing properties while HPP ( High Pressure Processing) Extraction process optimize the maximum flavor of superfood with the highest nutrition retention. 

No Preservative.

No Artificial Flavor and coloring.

No preservatives.

Glutinous Rice Water

Zi Jin Tang combines the tradition of brewing and fermentation method of elected rice yeast with renowned hualien glutinous rice and Yilan's High-mineral content spring water. Glutinous 

Rice water has the highest retention of rice nutrients containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Glutinous Rice Water is a health drink as a nutritious water alternative for cooking. Alcohol Free.

15 Days Miscarriage Recovery Meals


Exclusive Concentrated Soups 30 Packs(200g /pack)

Glutinous Rice Water 30 packs(200ml /pack)

2 meals a day. Follow the menu instruction to use the soup base and add fresh ingredients as suggested in the booklet which will be sent with the package.

Simple Steps, Ready to Eat in 5-10 minutes!