Zi Jin Body Care Waistband

Zi Jin Body Care Waistband

100% pure cotton inner layer, safety and comfortable. Non-poisonous and odorless, non-irritative and many more features. Modern and ergonomic design, consists of flexible supporting stripe make it more comfortable to wear. Especially effective for postnatal woman.

Material:Outer Layer / 100% Polyester, Inner Layer / 100% Pure Cotton and Bioactive Materials
Suitable for:Anyone. Recommend postnatal and during period.
Limitation:No limitation on normal use. Let the product stay dry and away from fire.

Recommended Size:

Size Length Suitable Weight
111.5x21cm Recommend below 50 kg
9 inch 120x23cm Recommend between 50~70 kg
L 125x24.5cm Recommend above 70 kg

 Zi Jin Body Care Waistband

How to wash:

1. Wash using neutral washing powder with water below 30 degree celsius.
2. Please do not use bleach detergent, iron and drying machine.
3. Let it dry naturally.
How to use:Use anytime. Not recommend to use while bathing or sleeping.