Taste For Life E-Gift Card Terms and Conditions

紫金堂澳洲電子禮卡 使用說明

1. What is the TFL E-Gift Card and how to purchase it and how to pay for it?

Taste For Life (TFL)  E-Gift Cards are prepaid and contain a set amount. It is not a credit card or debit card. Purchases will be deducted from the gift card balance. The amount available for use on a Gift Card at any time is referred to as the "Available Balance" and It can't be resold by a third party.

TFL E-Gift Card is valued depending on the amount at the time you purchased, and the value range can be purchased from AUD$50 to $500.  You can pay by bank transfer or online credit card payment to purchase the E-Gift Card. After you make the payment, the E-Gift Card will be sent to your nominated Email address within 3 business days.

2. How to use TFL E-Gift Card?

Once you receive the email with your TFL E-Gift Card and its exclusive gift card code, you can start using this E-Gift Card to shop. It can be used to purchase our products, and services or order postage, via TFL official website (www.tasteforlifeaustralia.com.au) , online sales representatives, or physical stores.

  • Using E-Gift Card on Website : By clicking the button [Shop now] in the email, visit our website and drag your favourite products to your shopping carts. Enter your exclusive gift card code at the checkout to use it for your order.
  • Using E-Gift Card via Customer Service Staffs : Contact our online sales representatives via the website contact us function/ Wechat / LINE / WhatsApp /Facebook Messenger / Instagram, or visit our physical stores to use this code.

3. What are the Rules about TFL E-Gift Card?

  • You don't have to use all values in one purchase. If you want to check the remaining balance of the gift card code, you can contact our customer service to find out.
  • The E-gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash or refunded.
  • The expiration date of the e-gift card is one year after the first issued date. e.g. The E-gift card email is sent out from Taste For Life on 31/12/2023, then the expiration date for this E-gift card will be 31/12/2024.
  • If you purchased the products with an E-Gift Card, and you would like a refund of the products, the money will be returned in the form of TFL E-Gift Card and when you return it and will be sent via email within 3 business days. Due to personal hygiene and food safety reasons, We don't accept food-related products, belly waistbands, or breast massage combs to be returned or refunded after the product is dispatched.
  • Once the available balance reaches zero, the E-Gift Card becomes invalid. Gift cards cannot be loaded or topped up with value. 
  • You understand and agree that once the E-Gift Card is purchased, you accept the terms and conditions of TFL E-Gift Card and it cannot be returned for any reason.
  • You agree to keep the E-Gift Card Email carefully and treat it as cash. If your E-Gift Card code is stolen or missing, amounts deducted from lost/stolen gift cards will not be refunded. 

If you have any questions, please email : service@tasteforlifeaustralia.com.au

* Zi Jin Tang Australia (Taste For Life) reserves the right to amend the content of this terms and conditions anytime in any circumstance. 


紫金堂澳洲 電子禮卡是一種預付性質,內含既定的金額。它不是信用卡、簽帳卡或金融卡。消費時會從禮品卡的當下即時可用餘額中扣除。紫金堂澳洲電子禮卡不得透過第三方單位轉售。

紫金堂澳洲電子禮卡的面額價值是根據您當下購買時所支付的金額為主,可從最低澳幣$50至$500來選購。購買管道可以是透過紫金堂澳洲官網、線上客服、紫金堂直營實體店面。 可以透過銀行轉帳、線上刷卡來支付紫金堂澳洲電子禮卡。支付成功後,紫金堂澳洲電子禮卡將會在三個工作天內寄送到您的指定Email信箱。



  • 在官網購物使用 : 透過Email信件中的【立即購物】按鈕到官網上,選取喜歡的產品到購物車中,於結帳頁面輸入輸入電子禮卡專屬代碼來折抵訂單金額。
  • 透過線上客服人員使用 : 聯繫線上客服,可透過官網線上客服詢問 /微信/LINE/Whatsapp/ Facebook Messenger/ Instagram 等線上客服下單,提供禮卡代碼直接直抵,或親自到紫金堂澳洲直營實體店面消費時使用。


  • 禮卡內有效額度不一定要在單筆消費一次性使用完畢,如需分次使用請洽客服人員,如果您想要查詢禮卡有效餘額,請聯繫客服人員為您查詢。
  • 紫金堂澳洲電子禮卡不得兌換成現金或是退款變現金。
  • 紫金堂澳洲電子禮卡的有效期限會是紫金堂澳洲電子禮卡Email發出的生效日起算一年有效期限。例如: 紫金堂澳洲電子禮卡第一封Email寄出日期是在31/12/2023當天,31/12/2023會是生效日,則此卡有效期限會是31/12/2024。
  • 如果您透過紫金堂澳洲電子禮卡購買產品後,如需申請退貨,經退貨退款流程完成後,退貨之價值金額將會退還到您的電子禮卡餘額內,再3個工作天內也會有Email通知您更新卡片有效餘額。
  • 由於個人衛生及使品安全,食品類產品、束腹帶、舒乳棒等個人貼身使用產品一旦出貨後,恕不接受退貨退款服務。
  • 一旦紫金堂澳洲電子禮卡的有效餘額變為0,此禮卡則會立即失效,無法儲值或是加值。
  • 一旦完成購買紫金堂澳洲電子禮卡即代表您同意遵守此使用規則,且無法退款退費。
  • 請妥善安全保管紫金堂澳洲電子禮卡即專屬禮卡代碼,紫金堂澳洲電子禮卡採用認卡不認人規則,若不慎遺失禮卡專屬代碼,恕將不進行另外補發或是退款。

* 如有任何疑問,請聯繫客服信箱 service@tasteforlifeaustralia.com.au。紫金堂澳洲保有不定期修改電子禮卡條文的權利。