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Beauty Skin & Detox Regimen Package (5 Days )

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The Wisdom of Ancestors. A new Era of Taste.

Regimen Diet is the wisdom crystallization of Chinese traditional culture and cooking. The seasonal eating and dietary therapy are important and integrated in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and have been used for centuries.

Tonic foods can be a powerful tool to help create and maintain wellness. Zi Jin Tang utilizes the flavors and natures of herbs and foods creating the comprehensive regimen diets.

The healthy and deliciously approach aims to promote metabolism and regain balance within the body. A good dietary habits would influence disease risk.

Simply Nutritious Regimen Meal, Made Easy

Beauty Skin & Detox Regimen Package includes 5 different herbal soup bases and exclusive glutinous rice water 5 Packs. You can drink directly or add any fresh ingredients to regulate the body by gently way. The natural and healthy choices can be selected according to different needs.

  • Maintain Female Health and skin health
  • Improve Metabolism and blood circulation
  • Promote digestion system
  • Help detoxification and weight


  • Who wants improve digestive system
  • Women General Health Maintenance.

★ Do Not Use During Pregnancy.

Package including

Different herbal soup bases 5 packs (200ml/pack)

Glutinous Rice water 5 packs (200ml/pack)

Herbal Soup Base Ready to Eat in 5-10 minutes