Health & Wellness Soup

Health & Wellness Soup

The seasonal eating and dietary therapy are important and intergraded in Traditional Chinese Medicine and have been used for centuries. Tonic foods can be a powerful tool to help create and maintain wellness. Zi Jin Tang utilizes the flavors and natures of foods and herbs creating the comprehensive regiman diets. The heathy and deliciously approach aims to promote metabolism regain balance in the body.

Increase metabolism

Increase metabolism. Maintain digestion system. Help detoxification and weight management.

Collagen Plus

Rich in collagen, amino acid and vitamine B. Support lactation for breastfeeding moms.

Improve Qi and Energy

Support reovery from illness. Improve energy level. Restore and maintain good health.

Healthy Bones and joints

Maintain bone and muscle healthy. Provide herbal nutrients to support body keep.