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30天DIY月子餐(基本型) - Zi Jin Tang Australia 紫金堂澳洲

30 Days Confinement Meal BASIC Package

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Postnatal Healing and Recovery
Balanced Nutrition is very important to all new mother after childbirth. The Comprehensive Postpartum Regimen Diet is to help mother accelerating recovery.

  • Exclusively designed and prepared various formulated herbal soup-bases
  • Easy and fast cooking, providing postpartum moms with a balanced nutrition
  • Helping body strengthening, repairing the postnatal body
  • Replenishing the energy, blood and fluid level in the body

This package contains:
(1) Concentrated herbal soups 90 packets – 200g per packet
(2) Zi Jin Glutinous Rice Water 90 packets – 200ml per packet